Instagram is gradually emerging as one of the top social media platforms for advertising your business. In fact, advertisers on Instagram have stated that they have effectively been able to increase their customer engagement and traffic with the use of this simple platform. Instagram is mobile friendly, and it gives you the chance to edit and publish posts when you are on the move. It has over 600 million registered users today, and its numbers are increasing day by day.

How has social media changed the world?

When it comes to social media, you will find that it has changed the world to no small extent. Billions of people are now using Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn for connecting with their personal or business contacts. Instagram appeared in 2010, and it is one of those social media platforms that changed the way people connect with one another. Instagram is a visible platform, and it deploys the use of photographs. The concept here is simple; you love sharing pictures with your friends and family. You can also share photos of your business with your targeted audience and in this way, create a loyal customer base. People like visuals and with the aid of photo-sharing you effectively can connect to your business clients and potential customers as well.

Understanding Instagram marketing for your business needs

If you wish to embrace Instagram and use it for advertising the goods and services of your business, the following are 5 top secrets on how to make your advertising campaign a roaring success-

  1. Make optimal use of business tools for advertising on Instagram-When you are using Instagram for your marketing and advertising needs, it is essential for you to make use of the business tools that are available on the platform. Once you have taken and shared the right photographs on Instagram, it makes sense for you to opt for paid Instagram advertising. The business tools that Instagram has made available to you have your marketing objective in mind. There is a useful tool called Simply Measured, and this business tool gives you a specific insight about your targeted audience. This tool helps you to improve your performance and increase customer engagement. Of course, there are other business tools like Vibbi that enables you to increase your Instagram account along with other business tools as well. It is crucial for you to check them and use them effectively for your business with success.
  2. Keyword Research on the hashtag you use- the use of the right keyword will help you when it comes to getting more followers for Instagram however, ensure that you research thoroughly on the hashtag you use. The hashtag is one of the most effective SEO optimization tools that Twitter has given the world. In fact, this new trend has also been picked up by other prominent social media platforms. Now every social media platform including Instagram is aware of its importance when it comes to SEO. A hashtag does not mean it is a part of Google however the use of the hashtag with the right keyword itself is a search function. If you are advertising your business on Instagram, it is vital for you to search for hashtags that are related to your business and which are regularly used. When it comes to the addition of hashtags to your post, there are no limits however experts suggest that you should limit your hashtags from 5 to 6 maximum. You can add hashtags anywhere to your post however in case you wish to track down the most relevant ones that will benefit your post; you may use Keyhole.
  3. Contests for improving SEO- If you are in search for some special and good techniques when it comes to developing the search engine optimization of your Instagram account, you may hold some contests. Instagram users find contests to be enjoyable, and they love to participate in these contests. The audience admires them, and they help to improve promotions of your brand. You may gift the participants who win your contest products from your company. You may also give some participants souvenirs. Everyone loves to participate in contests, and you can ask participants to share some of your pictures by sharing Instagram handles. You can decide on the winner yourself or judge the quality of the post by the number of comments, likes or shares the winning post gets.

Therefore, when it comes to winning SEO on Instagram the above three search engine optimization secrets will help you.  This means if you have not started to advertise your business on Instagram, it is high time that you start doing now as there are around 700 million registered users today and they all are waiting for your product or service to buy and use!

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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