There is a never-ending list of applications present an android market that caters to different needs of individuals who would like to make their daily activities carry out smoothly. The following article provides information about free android apps that enables the users to download music in MP3 from different websites that are present over the Internet. Depending upon the convenience and comfortability they obtain, they can choose a particular application which provides them the opportunity to download their favorite music onto their android powered device. Use these Free Android Apps to Download Music and Mp3.

Music download

As that are many websites present over the Internet which are providing free and legal music for download, the user has the best opportunity to save all their favorite music according to different categories onto the device. Music download application supports the user to download hundreds and thousands of free and legal songs from various websites. Of all the features that are present, the user will also be able to read the lyric of the song while they are listening to it. The application is completely available for free and can be found on different app stores present across the virtual world. This is one of the best free android app to download Music and Mp3

MP3 music download pro

With MP3 music download pro application installed on an android powered device, the user can now obtained their favorite songs onto the device freely. As there are many websites present over the Internet that offer legal MP3 songs for free downloads, with the help of the application, the user can now search from thousands of songs according to different search criteria making it easy for them to look out for their favorite artist. Apart from this, the user can also download Lyric and album cover to maintain a complete collection of the music on their device.


This is yet another application that allows the user to download legal and quality MP3 onto the device is absolutely free. As there are many websites that are present over the Internet that provide free download of legal music, the application carries out the search based upon the criteria entered by the user and returns with a list from which the user can download their favorite songs onto their device. Apart from this, the application also allows the user to create a ring tone from the song and also assign the same to the contact.

MP3 music box pro

The application allows the user to search and download legal and quality MP3 according to different genres and artists. All the user has to do is carry out research that is provided in the application and it will carry out the operation by connecting to Internet. It carries out a weekly chart updates making it easy for the user to download their favorite music onto the device.

Free music download

This is yet another application that is available for android platform that provides the user to download millions of free music and MP3’s from public search engine. They also have the option to edit a song and set it as a ring tone to a particular contact.

Now you have great list of  free Android Apps to Download Music and Mp3.

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