Just like words are put together to make up good reads, so are the different ingredients make awesome meals. Irrespective of whether you are a fun of the kitchen or not, you will need some help in your culinary endeavors. The different sectors in our economies have embraced it and its doing wonders.

The kitchen has not been left behind and no wonders the evolution of kitchen gadgets. In essence, they make the kitchen an interesting place to be by making the kitchen hustle more bearable. Such gadgets include:

1. Neo Smart Jar

Neo Smart Jar

This gadget delivers a full package for all your kitchen requirements. Just like the name suggest, it’s a smart jar. It monitors all your cooking ingredients from spices to the sugar. It helps you locate them with ease and manages their storage. In the event that they go bad, it will come in handy in alerting. A kitchen secretary it is by providing notifications on this. Amazing right? It will actually help you in your fitness journey.

By syncing with all your fitness applications, it is able to tell you how many calories you are taking in and the size of your meals. It will also alert you in the event that you are running out of stock, offer recipe suggestion with respect to the ingredients you have stored in it and monitor your consumption.

There is no stopping when it comes to this gadget. With its compatibility with both android and iOS, it makes it easy for most people to use it. It’s also connected to Amazon, an online platform, where you can make purchases when you run out of stuff. You’ve got try out this gadget!

2. Penguin Food Sensor

Penguin Food Sensor

Our healthy is as essential as the next air you will breathe next. It’s the only thing that guarantees your survival other things remaining constant. With many ingredients available in the stores today, it is hard to tell exactly which are harmful, and which are healthy. Chances are most of the foods claiming to be full of healthy benefits are actually loaded with toxins.

There is a need to worry, but with the Penguin Food Sensor, you don’t have to. This is because this gadget contains sensors that are used to analyze the safety of anything you place in it. It can detect pesticides in fruits and vegetables alerting you and also checks for antibiotics in dairy products and meat. Once you place a small piece of the food in the reservoir of a small cartridge in the device. It scans it and avails the information to you within minutes. Your health is very important so utilize this gadget.

3. LivBlends Smoothie Maker

LivBlends Smoothie Maker

Smoothies are an awesome way to jumpstart your day. But the cleaning up, it’s just too messy and thus discourages most of us from making some. With the LivBlends Smoothie Maker, you are assured of a smoothie any day, anytime. It will do the cleaning up on its own. You make the smoothies in the gadget’s pods using the one-serving increments i.e. you don’t mix up the ingredients.

The great thing is it only takes you less than 30 seconds to have the smoothie ready.

4. Egg Yolk Separator

Egg Yolk Separator

In this era of healthy living, there is need to watch what you eat. Eggs contain lots of nutrients but sometimes, there is need to make them a little bit more heart friendly. With the high protein content in them, large intake may put your heart in a crisis. To avoid this, separate the egg yolk from the egg white.

It will help in making healthier omelets. But how do you separate them? You may ask. It’s simple; simply use the Egg Yolk Separator. It’s easy to use and takes little time. Latest technology news has been shown to help the world at large solve many problems. This silicone tool is especially amazing for people who are watching their cholesterol levels, in need of losing weight.

5. French Fry Potato Cutter

French Fry Potato Cutter

Is it just me or are nice cut fries sweeter than others. Okay, maybe it’s just me but I promise there is that feeling you get when you take nicely cut fries. They just taste so nice and are easy to “handle”. Well, if you are looking to make some fries at home, you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to cut those perfect potato pieces. Just use the French Fry Potato Cutter. It is not only fast, but also guarantees to give you same size pieces of fries, just the way you want them. It works like the banana slicer, promising to deliver uniformly cut pieces.


Homemade meals are a nice way to ensure what you are eating is as healthy as possible. As much as kitchen can be quite boring especially if you have had a tough day, the many gadgets will help you make the cooking easier. They will minimize the preparation time by doing most of the work for you.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are many others and it’s recommended that you try them out. The next time you feel like taking food from a restaurant, think of all the calories it might be loaded with. Instead, opt for home made food which you can control the calorie intake, leading to a healthier you.

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