Search engine optimization is a multi-level process and, as a consequence, any error at any stage can make all the webmaster’s future work ineffective. Many webmasters ask why search engines keep ignoring their site and why their site is still not indexed.

Too many people are facing this problem, which is evidenced not only by numerous branches on SEO forums, but also the availability of a considerable number of sites that are unlikely to ever be fully indexed by search bots because the interface of the site is initially not search engine-friendly and due to a lot of other flaws, which affect its indexing.

#1. Firstly, to make sure your site is found and scanned by search bots, you need to provide easy access to all of it pages. If you use a navigation menu that is built entirely on Java-Script, it is precisely the case when the bot will ignore most of the pages on your multi-page website and leave it after just scanning the front page. Therefore, if you do have some real success in terms of usability by using the Java script, do not forget to provide the internal links (for example, at the bottom of the page), making them accessible to the search engine bot, i.e. the usual text links. It is better to be careful when using Java scripts. It is not recommended to use Java scripts on the front page.

#2. Hosting, or, to be more specific, the problems that may arise with it, are the second important thing which can affect successful indexing of your site. The most important thing it is the reliability of the company that offers hosting for your site. But reliability is not only expressed where the hoster is located geographically (the best hosting is in the US), but also in the server workload.

For example, if the server is in a state of incredible overload and is too slow, then the search bot can be denied the access to your site, the server will return an error, and the bot will just leave. Therefore, the most optimum Web hosting is the one that is in the market longer than all others and that does not have any bad reviews. Before you upload a website, check out the reputation of the hosting company.

#3. The presence on excessive search engine optimization for specific keywords might be another reason for the search engine to ignore your site and leave it unindexed. If the text content of the page includes 20% of keywords, it is not good the search engine wll consider it as spam. Besides, real people who will read your site, will see a set of tautologisms instead of text. Therefore, consider the recommendations of the majority of SEO optimizers and copywriters: 2% to 5% of keywords per page is enough for the search engine to successfully identify and index them.

#4. What else affects your site indexing by search engines? It is of course external and internal links and everything related to it. If you think that adding your site to the Google indexing queue is enough, it is a mistake. You will have to wait for the search engine bot for a very long time (from 2 weeks to a month). Therefore, do not waste your time, start placing external backlinks to your site.

As practice shows, the presence of even one external link to the site having Google PR = 1 from the site with PR = 3 leads to indexing it much faster than using all the official application forms for indexing. And of course, remember that the more quality baklinks you have, the faster your site will grow in the eyes of search engines!

#5. AVOID SPAMMING! Spam is currently what the search engines consider as the worst evil, and engineers keep finding an increasing number of ways to fight this phenomenon.

So if the search engine bot finds that your site is promoted using spam methods, it will be no longer possible to convince it otherwise, you will not achieve high rankings for sure. It is very difficult to cheat the search spiders, so it is better not to try.

Based on the above, we may conclude that search engine bots ignore your site due to one of the following reasons:
• The internal pages of the site are not available for the search engine, so interlink them properly.
• Bad hosting, that is when the search bot cannot get access to the site, because the server is overloaded and keeps failing. Choose a good hosting company!

• The pages are overloaded with keywords. The bot analyzes the percentage of the repeated words and the score is not in your favor. Write human-friendly content or hire a copywriter!

• There are no backlinks to your site. Take the maximum effort for link building. The more quality backlinks, the better!

• The search bot has found out that you are trying to promote your site using spam techniques. Game over? The site is f**ked? No, of course not. There is still a good chance of success. First of all, if you are really spamming, you need to stop it immediately. If not, do your best to convince the search engine reps that you are not.



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