Every aspiring engineer student dreams of cracking the Holy Grail that is the IIT-JEE. With the JEE mains 2016right around the corner, many students are busy preparing for the exam with utmost perseverance and concentration. Anyone who has had a look at the JEE Mains syllabus will know that preparing for the exam is no easy task, there are the previous years’ JEE Mains and Advanced papers to solve and the thorough JEE Advanced Analysis to be done.


Some students plan and prepare beforehand and start their preparing with a considerable amount of time to spare, while others just go along with the flow. Here, we list out the reasons as to why you need to start preparing for JEE Mains and Advanced beforehand.




One of the most important factors when taking the JEE exams is that the clarity you need to have obtained regarding the various major as well as minor topics, along with the thorough understanding of the numerous study materials as well. Practicing and understanding the JEE Advanced and Mains syllabus ensures quick and efficiency solving of the problems in the actual exam, since they give you a general idea of how the exam will be carried out.


Mock Tests


When, one is preparing for the JEE Mains 2016, it is an absolute necessity that they take up mock tests every step of their preparation. As they not only help you gauge your weaknesses in certain area and help you in improving in that aspect, they also help you to develop strategies of your own, which will prove beneficial in solving similar type problems in the actual exam. Mock tests also help in assessing the understanding of the preparing student in the various topics of the JEE syllabus.




One of the major reasons you need to prepare ahead for the JEE exam is because of the expert guidance you can receive. ‘A job well began is a job well done, they say’-and that holds very true in this prospect. When a student receives the right guidance and is pointed in the right direction with the right means, a student is being provided with the platform to concentrate all of his thinking at a steady pace and in a focused manner. Proper Guidance will prove beneficial right from filling out the JEE mains form to the actual exam.


Study Groups


Perhaps the oldest trick in last minute cramming, study groups are most beneficial when practiced in the long run. Meeting fellow aspirants not only helps you study better but it also helps you to concentrate more. Study groups help in motivating you to work harder and faster. Study groups help in understanding certain topics that you might not be certain in and developing your own techniques and methods when approaching a problem. So, it’s highly recommended that you pick out like-minded people with who you are comfortable with studying and chasing the same dream as you are to aid in your preparation.




As important as it is to prepare for the JEE Advanced 2016 exams, it’s crucial to plan ahead as to how and when to study for the exam as well. Your schedule also has to include the topics you wish to cover in a particular session and take up mock tests to evaluate your understanding of the topic covered. Half the battle is won if you have a good, thorough and effective study plan prepared to follow for the entire duration of your preparation. Plan ahead, well before the exam and avoid cramming.

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