Mobile app development has become mandatory for businesses that are determined to boost market share, customer engagement, and profitability by catering to the young and upwardly mobile target audiences whose lives revolve around their mobile phones. Business owners have the option of developing the mobile app in-house or outsource the development to specialists. Some very good reasons why outsourcing may work for you:

Development Becomes Cheaper

One of the major reasons for outsourcing app development is the reduction in the cost compared to an in-house effort. App development requires special expertise that would be rare to find in the typical IT department of businesses. Thus, you would need to hire talent as well as dedicate resources that can prove to be quite costly. When you outsource, you can take the advantage of the focus that a specialized team can give you besides the benefit of infrastructure that is already operational and the cost of which, can be spread over a number of concurrent projects.

When you outsource the app development project to a third-world country like India, you tend to gain even more because you get superior expertise but at a fraction of the cost, you would incur in the US. Little wonder that mobile app development in Mumbai has taken off in a major way in recent years.

Better Quality of Work

Another big advantage of outsourcing your app development is that you get the chance of being able to leverage the knowledge, experience, skill-set, and the dedicated infrastructure of your development partner. Because the developer’s reputation and future are at stake, it is more likely that he will be motivated to deliver really high-quality work. Moreover, when you assign the app development to a third-party, the entire risk of the project is also automatically passed on to the developer. You are guaranteed of a delivery schedule, as well as, a budget and the comfort of being able to levy stiff penalties for not meeting deadlines. Either the project is delivered as promised or it is declared a dud with all development expenses borne by the developer. As opposed to paying for the effort, with outsourcing, you pay for results.


Less Time to Reach the Market

With the resources available to the outsourcing partner, the app can be developed, debugged, and marketed in a far shorter time frame than what would have been possible in-house as the learning curve for the outsourcing partner is so much less steep, and the pool of expertise is deeper and more extensive. No time is wasted in learning new technologies and you are not hostage to the disruption that can happen with a small in-house team with resignations, vacations, sick leave, and more. The entire app development process can be done smoothly enabling you to start engaging with your customers faster.


As a technique, there is a host of benefits associated with outsourcing app development. However, you must be careful in choosing your partner because, otherwise, you could run the risk of expectation mismatch, loss of flexibility or even data confidentiality.


Author Bio: Alexander is the chief marketing manager of a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics. Even though a large IT team was available in-house, Jake opted for for the significantly better expertise and less cost entailed.

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