Nowadays, we are giving more and more tech devices to our children. Whether this is a good idea depends on who you ask.

Some people say cell phones, tablets and computers are depriving kids of natural play, while others say giving kids more access to tech devices give them an opportunity of a head start in learning how to use them.

Some say the reliance on Internet and technology is stunting kids development of real social skills which are crucial to success. Others say it is giving them the ability to connect with other kids from all over the world, giving them access to other cultures and perspectives of seeing the world.

Some say that with all that information given is undermining parent’s ability to instill values on to the next generation. While others point out that web gives children access to information, from online education to online books and Wikipedia.

You can’t always control what your kids use laptops for. As parents should we be sheltering our kids from the consequences that tech brings with it or should we be encouraging our kids to use tablets and computers at your age?

In the right place and with the right supervision, young kids can benefit greatly from interaction with technology. Today, more kids aged 2-5 can run apps and video games than tie their shoelaces or ride a bike. Here are reasons that cell phones, tablets, and computers are good for your little kids:


Researchers show that tech devices can improve literacy skills.


There are a million apps, video games and software programs that encourage working together to achieve some goals. Promoting teamwork, understanding, and empathy, they all teach the need for collaborations with others to accomplish more rewarding tasks. Such lessons can encourage kids in school to partner with other kids, who may possess different skills.


Many people fear embarrassment, rejection, and failure – but the truth is that we learn from our mistakes, their consequences and the new approaches that could fix those mistakes. Virtual simulations give kids the opportunity to watch situations evolve in real time, based on the actions they made. Plus, they allow critical thinking and deeper observation.


Some studies also have shown that games and apps enhance kids’ ability to multitask. The same studies also have demonstrated that kid’s ability, accuracy and attention to juggle multiple tasks at once enjoyed marked benefits after playing select software option. Games and other interactive activities demand much more attention and memory requirements.


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