Are you looking for some of the Best SuiteCRM PLUGINS? Then you are at the right place. Today I am going to list down the Top 5 Best SuiteCRM Plugins available for us in the market. But before listing down we will see what it is and how we can get it. There is a company name “Fynsis SuiteCRM Integrated Solutions” which serves multiple type of SuiteCRM Add-ons to their customers in order to increase more productivity and good relations with their clients.

What Fynsis SuiteCRM Integrated Solutions Do?

Having an amazing control, easy and complete command over SuiteCRM framework, the company allow their customers to integrate with SuiteCRM and with this they can merge this with any other application easily. The main working methodology of SuiteCRM is, it merges with your applications and your business operations are streamlined by SuiteCRM.

The company is a team of experts who provides the best integration solutions and co-operates with their customers. So, if you are looking for flexible and smart CRM solutions, then you must use SuiteCRM by Fynsis Solutions. It is very easy to use and they will give you proper guidance about how you can use SuiteCRM Plugins so that you will not face any kind of technical trouble while using it.

Advantages of SuiteCRM Plugin?

  • Used for Business Process Automation.
  • Access Data in single system because of which less time is consumed.
  • No manual process, no duplication and no inaccuracy.
  • If there are multiple disconnected system, SuiteCRM eliminates it directly.
  • More improvement and added more functionality as per customer requirement.

Let us look at some of the Top SuiteCRM Plugins available for us.

  1. PayPal: Who doesn’t know about PayPal? It is a payment gateway through which transactions in India as well as in foreign countries can be done. You need to integrate PayPal with SuiteCRM in order to accept payment easily.
  2. Asterisk: The integration is done between Asterisk and SuiteCRM Plugin and it is very much easy to configure. If a plugin need to be cost effective then it is necessary to integrate it with Asterisk.
  3. United States Postal Service: For running end-to-end order fulfilment system successfully, which also includes real time visibility, you can use United States Postal Service Plugin.
  4. Live Helper Chat: Known as open source, Live Helper Chat is a SuiteCRM Plugin which is used as a chat application for websites. In order to have easy communication, you can use Live Helper Chat Plugin.


Mentioned above are the detailed information regarding SuiteCRM Plugins which can be used for various purpose. Use these SuiteCRM Add-ons and explore more. There are thousands of such plugins available in the market which can be used but mentioned above are the top rated plugins which mostly people prefer to use.

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