Trademark is an identifiable mark of business which distinguishes the source of goods and services of one from others. Trademark serves as a sceptre for your business. It can be anything a logo, word, symbol, name, slogan or phrase.

Why we need a Trademark Search?

A trademark attorney/ agent have the understanding of the trademark registration with the nuances of the trademark law. But you can utilise the online trademark database search to rule out the potential trademarks to avoid the infringement. Now the most commonly used platform for free trademark search are:

  • Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks
  • Quick company

How to do a Trademark search?

To ensure the trademark availability,  one may use the online trademark search database. Formerly, you can do the trademark search only through the Ipindia website. But now you have Hobson’s choice, i.e. the Quickcompany. The only

platform after Ipindia where you can find the trademark database.

DIY: Trademark Search

When you started to think about a trademark, you must be thinking to visit a lawyer/ attorney. At first glance, trademark search can look like a hefty process. But the initial pace of trademark registration, i.e. trademark search can do it yourself. Trademark search the DIY (Do It Yourself) way:

  • The Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks maintain the record of all the trademarks whether registered or in the process, which is assessable via public search.
  • To do a trademark search in India, visit the online trademark search database using an ipindia or quickcompany web browser.
  • Look for the public search in the trademarks on the search bar.
  • The search type breaks down in terms of: (a) Wordmark (b) Vienna Code (c) Phonetic
  • The row title as ‘wordmark’ have the drop-down menu with options: (a) start with (b) contains (c) match with; which display all the entries in the trademark search database.
  • Trademark is classified into 45 different classes; enter the appropriate class of trademark under which you want to apply for.


Analyze the nuance of trademark search results

The analysing of the trademark search results is important to interpret the implications. The possibilities of the search result of the trademark:

  • No match found; or
  • Total number of matching marks

If as a search result ‘Total number of matching marks’ yielded with the wordmark/ Vienna code/ phonetic which is containing the basic information of the mark. The result does not display the only existing marks (registered trademarks) but also the trademarks with the rejected or abandoned status.


The above trademark search result shows all the possible trademarks start with the word ‘PEPSI’ under class 10. The matching marks  showing in a tabular form contains:

  • the proprietor name
  • application number
  • status of the application
  • Journal number
  • application date
  • description of the goods and services


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