Yes, times have changed. No, this does not mean that traditional marketing tactics have long been forgotten. Even with the emergence of new strategies to market a company’s products and services, it’s undeniable that conventional approaches will still work, including those that will be briefly mentioned in the rest of this post.


Business Cards

 It’s safe to say that business cards are still might these days. From top-level corporate executives to salesmen, it’s still one of the most effective ways to add a hint of human touch to a business relationship. They remain relevant and will help to execute a recall. After all, they are cheap, so there is no reason to not use it. For cost-effective business cards, buy used printers from so that you can make them on your own rather than pay someone for your printing needs.


Print Ads

Long before digital marketing platforms have been popular, print was king. While other channels are taking over, print materials are still effective in getting your message across. The use of flyers and brochures are still commonplace, despite the fact that we are living in an internet-driven world. It’s tangible, which is why it can create better impact, especially if you have the right message. If you want to capitalize on print, JJ Bender can cover for the equipment that you will need.


Face-to-Face Meeting

According to Hub Spot, this is one of the traditional marketing tactics that can result in high returns. Even with video calling and other technologies, there is no substitute for meeting a client personally.  This helps to build solid and better relationships. It also provides better opportunities for clarification, and hence, lessening the possibility of misunderstanding. Similar to the use of business cards, it has a human touch since there is a personal interaction that is involved.


Public Relations

PR is dubbed as free advertising, which is why it’s sure to stay relevant even in the years to come. In recent years, however, because of its importance, PR is being more costly and complicated to administer. It should be well-thought to be effective. With the right tactics, it can help to build awareness of what your business is all about. As long as it’s done right, it will help to build up credibility.



In one study, it has been concluded that running a contest can significantly boost revenues. For the contest to be effective, however, it needs to be simple and the incentives must be of value to the customer. It must not require too much effort for them to participate. It must be designed in such a way that it will appeal directly to the segment of the market that is being targeted.


Marketing is not all about choosing between old and new. Rather, for the highest level of effectiveness, it must combine traditional and novel approaches. To survive in a business world that is highly-competitive, one must adopt, but this does not necessitate the need to let go of conventional practices.

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