The IPhone camera is so advanced that you do not need your digital camera for taking a picture. The 8 MP camera gives a very good picture quality compared to other android devices. The iPhone is sleek, user friendly and fast and it’s wonderful to take pictures with our IPhone but you will face some problems like transferring photos from IPhone and transferring other stuffs to iPhone through your computer. We will show you, how to easily transfer all your photos from your IPhone device to your computer.

There are few steps that will help in transferring your Photos, you can use any one that suits you and which looks easier to you.

Transfer photos from IPhone to Computer (3 working methods)

Method 1: Using iTunes for transferring photos to computer


You Will Need: IPhone, USB cable, A Computer, iTunes and an iTunes account.

You can sync the photos on your device with the help of iTunes on your computer, but first you need to organize your photos in a folder.

  • Properly arrange your photos in a folder.
  • Connect your device to computer and open iTunes.
  • Click on Photos Tab.
  • “Sync Photos” check that box.
  • Select or drop down the folder.
  • And click on Sync.

And there you go you have the pictures uploaded to your computer. This is also one the way yo Transfer photos from IPhone to Computer


 Method 2: Using file Explorer.


You will need: Computer, IPhone, USB cable.

You can make your IPhone device run as a digital camera or a file system, all that you have to keep in mind s that keep the phone UNLOCKED or you will not see the pictures or folders inside your device.

  • Plug in your IPhone to our Computer via USB cable.
  • A Popup will come asking you what you want to do with the device.
  • Select on the “View Content”.
  • Now you will see the folders that you created in your IPhone, find the photos folder
  • Copy the images that you need by selecting them.

Don’t forget to unlock the device or the photos will not be visible to you.


Method 3: Using Photo Gallery.


You Will Need: Computer, IPhone, USB cable.

  • Connect your device via USB cable to our computer.
  • On your windows press windows key and make a search for “Photo Gallery”.
  • Press on Home tab.
  • Click on “Import Photos”.
  • Now select your IPhone in the dialogue Box.
  • You can select “More Options” to select the destination for saving your photos and you can choose which format you want to save the photo as.
  • Click and proceed with the steps and organize your File.
  • After you organize the file click o import, and your photos will be imported to your Computer without iTunes or other methods.

Now you have 3 working methods to Transfer photos from IPhone to Computer enjoy 🙂


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