The arrival of every New Year in the last few years was preceded by spectacular predictions and unrealistic expectations in the world of digital marketing. Now it seems that both digital prophets and tech professionals have taken a more moderate attitude towards the near future. In line with that, 2017 is expected to bring a gradual movement towards new solutions for digital businesses. So, here’s what experts are predicting for the forthcoming year.

Bigger role of user experience

The unprecedented development of visuals in the online realm has led to some major changes in the way people perceive content. With thousands of websites for various niches, Internet users now have an opportunity to opt only for the Web places that treat them with special respect and care, i.e. the ones that nurture smooth user experience. Moreover, this is not only about the visuals anymore. Cutting-edge UX includes the integration of various functions into a single unit of smooth, frictionless experience. Also, entrepreneurs need to work hard to ensure a stronger sense of community for their customers by connecting different platforms and enhancing their interconnectedness.

Further employment of remote workers

We’ve seen lately how remote work has grown into one of the pillars of the modern labor market. The benefit of this type of employment is three-fold. Firstly, employers can choose from a wide range of highly trained workers. Secondly, employees can make better salaries than the ones they would have in their offline work environment. Thirdly, states also profit from those new working conditions, mainly through their tax incomes.

What we’ll witness in 2017 is the further growth and diversification of the remote work and outsourcing. According to an article on, this global trend will become an integral part of work innovation, leading to improved future productivity in the years to come.

New aspects of big data

Every serious business measures every single feature they can, so as to get valuable information for their future moves. However, every piece of information obtained that way needs to be analyzed and then properly stored. Since the number of businesses in the world is immense, you can only imagine how many large chunks of data there are in virtual space. As it seems today, the prevailing big data trends from 2016, such as cloud migration, updated data analytics and improved security features, will continue to evolve in the years to come. Because of that, business owners need to start with some basic data storage solutions in the cloud and then move towards the ones that resolve their big data issues.

Adaptiveness and responsiveness

Closely related to the aforementioned user and consumer experience, the near digital future will make great use of software solutions adaptable to different platforms. If you want an opinion from a highly reputable digital agency, each and every digital professional will tell you that every modern business needs to be accessible from every type of gadgets. This is why entrepreneurs should make sure that they use and maintain the holy digital trinity – the website, the website application and the mobile app. These three modern tools will attract more consumers and improve the conversion rates of the businesses using them. Also, when enriched with resourceful and valuable content, those online business features will become viral in social media, as well, resulting in full-scale digital success.

The business perspective for the next year looks pretty bright, mainly due to an abundance of software innovations that we’re already using. In addition, the new ones we’re about to incorporate in our business plans will take our businesses even further into the future. For all these reasons, modern entrepreneurs should do their work tasks without too much pressure, since they know that the digital future will ensure better work conditions for their employees and higher productivity for their enterprises.

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