Cloud based storage have changed our life and now we completely rely on cloud storage. I know you always saved your frequently used data on your hardisk but when comes to storing data online, you always looks for free online storage. In this post i will show you how to get 200 GB free OneDrive Storage from Microsoft with simple tricks.

Now you don’t have beg for cloud storage anymore. You would be getting 200 gb Ondrive space from microsoft.

Recently mirosoft is offering 100gb free to users who signup on dropbox and we have to avail the same offer.

Just follow simple steps and get Free 200gb Microsoft Onedrive Storage

Login to your microsoft account if you don’t have it create it first.

Now visit – and you get page like this.


click on verify and get my storage

On the next page you will be ask to verify your dropbox id. Click on save to dropbox and signin with your dropbox id or create new one if you don’t have.

add dropbox Bonus applied


And that’s it you have got 100gb bonus from microsoft.

Wait wait wait… What if i will say you can get still 100 gb more sound good yeah you can still get 100 gb more on onedrive microsoft.

Microsoft is also running one more campaign of Bing Rewards for us residents where they are giving 100 gb more space.. Don’t worry if are not from US. Let me show you how you can get this.ROute ip to us

Click on this link..

join today

claim 100 gb





Simple strategy turn your IP location to US using Zenmate plugin or some any other.. Click on join now and then claim now.

Congratulation you have 100Gb more.

stoage increase to 200

You will have 200 gb total 100GB from Dropbox campaign + 100 GB from Bing Rewards = 200 GB Enjoy

Here is my 200 GB

214gb storage


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