Instagram has always been phenomenally successful as both a photo-sharing app and a full-fledged social media platform. It is currently, quite a popular and influential social networking site. If you are able to effectively match the trends and go on sustaining the interest factor, you could consider using Instagram for boosting traffic to your business website or online store.

Focus on Business Instagram Account

You must set up a distinctive business Instagram account and do not rely solely on your personal Instagram account. If you promote your business through a hard-core business Instagram account, it would reap more benefits and certainly drive more traffic to your official business website. Your personal existence on Instagram must be deliberately and consciously separated from your corporate existence. Stay away from integrating business and personal posts. For instance, it is quite improbable for your followers who are actually interested in all your services and products would care to know about your pets. Your customers are certainly not interested in your personal posts. To attract more traffic to your e-store via the popular social media platform called the Instagram, you must essentially do three things.

  • Expose your posts on Instagram to a wider audience. Your posts must be seen or accessed by more people from your target audience. You need to boost your business exposure effectively.
  • Sustaining interest is a must. Your target audience must be interested enough to keep coming back to your page and follow you.
  • You must consider linking your e-store through your Instagram bio.
  • You may utilize Instagram automation tools that could be really effective in helping your business reach new audiences thanks to algorithms which would be targeting users who may be using generic likes, follows, and comments. This is a good way of boosting real Instagram likes.

Concentrate on Boosting Exposure

Gaining followers could be a challenging affair if you have just opened a brand new Instagram account. You may share all your initial posts with family and friends via Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social networking platforms and request them to re-share your posts to your target audience. In case you are already having a few followers on your precise business page, you may experience a less uphill task.  Instagram has been set up for effectively boosting the number of followers on trend pages, businesses, and people in effective ways.

If you generate interesting and high-quality content which people wish to share, you could be boosting your following exponentially. However, this is regarded as the organic way of widening your Instagram exposure. It would be necessitating staying well ahead of the competition.


In general, an Instagram page proves to be immensely helpful to your business. It could be the most consistent and the biggest source of customers and potential customers for your business. You must chalk out your strategies with a lot of care and enough deliberation. You must come up with innovative and unique strategy. The best thing to do, while doing strategy planning, is to place yourself in the place of your customers. Then it would become quite easy for you to ascertain the type of pictures to post on your Instagram account that would instantly grab your customers’ attention. To conclude, if you wish for business success, you must always keep in mind that customers can never be wrong.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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