Absence of power in little urban areas is a major issue for individuals living there. There are numerous protests with respect to no power in houses. Same condition is there in some huge urban areas as well and individuals are attempting to discover elective for this issue. Sun oriented Power System is one of the most ideal path through which power can be created and that power can be conveyed to required zones.

In Cochin Kerala, there is a Solar Power System which help people by producing electricity in home, offices, industries, school and many more places. It is very beneficial if the solar system which you are using is working efficiently. Providing good quality of solar products, the solar system will make you forget the amount you are paying till now as electricity bill as with the help of this Solar Power System, will be cut down to half.

The life of a solar power system is about 20 years, so till then you can use the electricity through solar power. The installation process is quite easy which will be done by the people working under this project which means you don’t have to make any efforts.

About Solar Inverters

Developed with MTTP, the Solar Inverters are very much beneficial and already it is used by many societies in Kerala and there are more in line. Because of MTTP the solar system produces electricity from the solar panels and distribute it to different areas.


Solar Power Electricity

The most common form of solar energy is used for generating power for your home and is based on photovoltaic panels. These solar power electricity systems have been available for decades, but because of improvements to their efficiency and ease of installation they have become very popular in the last few years. Your home requires for a reasonable investment in one of these solar system for home.

Solar Power Lights

A similar use of PV technology has been applied to solar power light systems. These initially started out as simple and inexpensive pathway lighting that homeowners could install themselves. Each light contains a small solar panel and battery that is charged by the sun each day..

Solar Water Heating Systems

Another very popular form of solar power is a solar hot water system. This type of passive solar heat system is designed to heat the water you use in your home with sunlight. The way this system works is by placing a specialized solar collector on your roof that the solar hot water system uses to heat the water passing through it. This collector contains a webbing of small tubes that are connected to the home’s hot water lines. As the water is passed through these tubes and exposed to the sun, the water is quickly heated and returned to your home.

Passive Solar Air Heat

A final use for solar power is for passive solar heat in a home. This type of system uses the home itself as the solar collector and involves the installation of large windows on the southern side of the house that allow sunlight to penetrate deep into the home. As this sunlight strikes the wall and floors of the home, it heats these surfaces and this heat will be slowly released all evening.


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