Organizations have been adopting cloud computing services at an accelerated pace over the past few years. In the Indian business sector, the growth of cloud adoption across various industry verticals has stood at an impressive rate of 38 percent.

Role of cloud IaaS in business enterprises

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS has immensely contributed to this phenomenal growth of cloud adoption owing to a number of reasons. IaaS has helped businesses appreciate the true power of cloud computing as organizations can now avail pay-as-you-go payment methods for consumption of cloud-based services that can be procured dynamically.

Indian businesses have always been in the search of efficient and economical IT services and the advent of cloud-enabled services has successfully catered to these needs. No wonder, cloud adoption has covered almost all industry and business sectors.

The projected growth for IaaS adoption stands at a whopping 40 percent, as confirmed by reliable surveys. This is being propelled mainly by e-commerce and healthcare sectors in addition to BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance).

Sector-specific adoption of cloud services

E-commerce industry– Infrastructure as a Service and other cloud solutions provide a supportive infrastructure to run a wide spectrum of applications in the e-commerce sector. Companies can reduce costs while deftly handling high traffic websites that need to come to grips with ruthless spikes owing to seasonal and promotional aspects of e-commerce business.

The most sought-after functionalities in e-commerce applications are efficiently boosted by cloud IaaS, including online transactions and automated workflows to name a few. These applications are expected to exhibit high-quality performance and speed for enhanced customer satisfaction and seamless generation of revenues.

Speed and performance-intensive applications are effectively handled by cloud IaaS solutions, thereby improving customer retention in the e-commerce environment. This is further backed by unremitting security measures adopted by cloud IaaS service providers.

Your online enterprise must have the ability to cater to a large number of concurrent requests without performance slow-down. Cloud computing technology is not only capable of supporting scalability but can also look after growing concerns of security. The multi-layered protection provided by state of the art security and monitoring tools provides outstanding business continuity potential to the modern e-commerce industry. This also enhances the privacy of online transactions.

BFSI sector– There is a growing need for an efficient infrastructure that has the ability to process a large number of data workloads on a daily basis in the Banking Financial Services and Insurance sector. You can trust cloud IaaS solutions to deliver these capabilities with the added advantage of cost-effectiveness. Financial and insurance institutions can handle their operations in geographically dispersed branch offices from a centralized resource of cloud IaaS that guarantees unrestricted access and security of online transactions. A cloud environment can also benefit remotely positioned customers to access a wide spectrum of services offered by finance, insurance, and banking sector.

State of the art net-banking services provide seamlessly and secured access to customers for transacting online business transactions without the need to physically approach branch offices. Moreover, efficient services of mobile banking provide a resourceful feature to enhance CRM applications without getting worried about the availability of resources in a cloud IaaS ecosystem.

Services of ATM facilitate branches to reduce workload and optimize the existing manpower to focus on more productive projects. The extensive reach of cloud-enabled applications is also found to boost insurance and banking establishments with a high degree of potential to penetrate remote as well as interior markets, which remained unexplored for a long period.

Healthcare sector– The healthcare segment has always been struggling to collect, manage, process, secure, and analyze clinical data related to drug trials, health information of patients, and other medical records. The healthcare sector produces huge volumes of data every moment of the day for 365 days.

Apart from this, the healthcare professionals are required to stringently adhere to ever-changing regulations and compliance requirements as per federal laws. Cloud IaaS has revolutionized information handling in the healthcare sector by effectively pooling resources for mining of drug trial reports, clinical histories, while efficiently adhering to strict regulations. Healthcare experts can work in a team by rising above geographical boundaries and time zones, thanks to the all-pervasive network of cloud IaaS services.

Cloud computing as a business driver

Cutting edge services offered by cloud IaaS solutions are nothing but facilitators of e-commerce, BFSI, and healthcare enterprises. These mission-critical sectors need to work in a highly secured environment that not only secures data but also prevents unauthorized interception of information by hackers. Cloud computing has revolutionized IT expenditure patterns in small as well as large organizations by effectively eliminating capital costs as well as manpower expenditure. Enterprise IT can help organizations save considerable costs by adopting cloud-based IaaS solutions.

Cloud IaaS services providers help these organizations to operate with unparalleled agility without any concerns about resource availability. On-demand and dynamically scalable cloud solutions make it possible to operate in an uncertain environment of the e-commerce industry.

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