Today more and more companies are embracing 3D printing technology. Many organizations are planning to introduce this amazing printing technology and they are sure to replace the conventional subtractive manufacturing. In this context, you must know that as per statistics more than 70 percent of the companies have already adopted 3D printing technology. Moreover, more than 50 percent are expecting that this effective technology would be implemented for high volume development of products. Experts believe that 3D printing technology would be providing a host of incredible benefits to various businesses and individuals. Here are some of the most striking benefits of 3D printing technology. Understanding the benefits of 3D printing would allow designers to come up with better decisions while choosing a manufacturing technique and helps them to efficiently deliver optimal products.

Superior Speed

One of the chief benefits of additive manufacture seems to be the incredible speed at which different parts could be manufactured in comparison to the conventional manufacturing techniques. Complicated designs could now be uploaded easily from a CAD file and then printed within just a few hours. The greatest plus point is the scope for rapid verification, as well as, fast development and generation of design ideas. While previously, it would take several days or even many weeks for receiving a prototype, today the additive manufacturing process is able to deliver a model within only a few hours.


The amount of money put into the development cycle for any prototype depends on a lot of factors, but labor costs are definitely the primary influence. Some of the typical methodologies like injection molds and production runs can be pretty labor intensive and hence pricey. Conventional subtractive manufacturing also involves high labor costs because you would need your production line manned by technicians and operators who are both skilled and efficient. The machinery is pretty expensive too. Thanks to 3D printing, however, you could slash all the labor involved down to a single person issuing a print command- it’s that simple. Contact reputed 3D printing companies in Mumbai for highly competent and affordable services.

Embraces Creativity and Customization

The manufacturing techniques of old are great at churning out millions of copies of a single design, which doesn’t leave much room for tuning or improvement. To introduce any kind of uniqueness into each product under these techniques is nigh impossible. This is where 3D printing really shines because it leaves unlimited room for personalization, and allows you to play with your own imagination, as well as, entertain requests from customers. This helps customers get products that are perfectly suited to their needs rather than generic solutions, and also generates a lot of goodwill for your business.

Single Step Manufacture

The greatest cause of worry for a designer is actually to determine a way to manufacture parts efficiently. Most of these parts necessitate many manufacturing steps for being produced by conventional technologies. The precise order these steps would be occurring actually would impact the manufacturability and quality of the design.

Additive manufacturing machines would be completing a build in just one step and would not be requiring any kind of interaction with the machine operator all through the build phase. The moment the CAD design seems to be finalized, you could upload it effectively to the machine. It could then be printed in just one single step within around two hours or so.


3D printing would help you to transform a concept effectively into reality much faster than anyone could realize. Products are manufactured cheaply and quickly. 3D printing technology is here to bring about a radical transformation in every industry, completely revolutionizing the way you live and work in the future.

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