Marketing people are using LinkedIn on regular basis in order to promote their products, keep an eye on their competitors, attract more customers so they can make a large network which will help in growth of their company.

LinkedIn is a very large marketing platform basically developed for marketing people. It is a business and employment oriented social networking site which can be used via smartphones, tablets and laptops/PCs. It was first launched in 2003 on 5th May and now it is a very popular platform used by everyone who is in business field.

Here I am presenting and guiding you about a very beneficial application that saysUse –  LinkedIn Marketing Automation Application”.  You must be thinking that there are lots of such applications available in the market through which you can create and join number of groups on LinkedIn, then why Let us see what it is.

About is an LinkedIn Marketing Automation application which is developed for the people who are willing to promote their LinkedIn accounts. By promoting LinkedIn Accounts, there are more chances of getting more followers, more clients and they will come to know about your business, in this way you can make your place in the marketing field. Even if you don’t belong to marketing field or not running any business, you can use LinkedIn Sales Automation App that is, you can get job opportunities from this platform.

Features of

As seen in the introduction phase why we should Use –  LinkedIn Marketing Automation Application, we will now see which are the Features of and why we should prefer this LinkedIn Marketing Automation App.

  • Using application, you can easily find relevant contacts. For example, if you are looking for a job opportunity in software development field, you can join groups related to it. There is no limit that you can join only one group or so, you can join as many as groups you want.
  • If you want any specific person to join your network, you can send them personal invitations. It will increase the chances of getting idea about your competitors through the groups which your friends had already joined.
  • You don’t need to send message everywhere, every time when you join any group. Just set one automated message and whenever you join a new group, that message will be sent.

Pricing of

If you want to use complete services of the LinkedIn Marketing Automation, then these are the prices you need to pay as the fees.

  • If you want to begin, you can select the “Starter” package which will cost you $35. By paying $35, you will get 500 results per search, 10 saved searches, 5 campaigns, 2- way communication and a welcome message.
  • Another package which is considered as the most popular package is the “Professional Package” in which you need to pay $50 per seat. As a result, you will get 750 results per search, 50 saved searches and custom connect message.
  • And the last one is “Business” packages which costs you $75 and you can do unlimited searches.

Final Words

Using app for LinkedIn Sales is an amazing applications providing you an amazing services to expand your network.


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