Are you using twitter for the first time ? If yes then this article is only for you.

Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey from that day more than 320 millions of people are using this micro-blogging website. Which is most popular in the USA, Brazil, Japan . All idea of this mico-blogging website consists of 140 characters long messages which are share to your audience .

(Your followers, people who decide to follow your content so they will see your tweets on their twitter dashboard and interact with them.) Most common form of interactions are likes . By those people simply show their affection to your message .

Another important form of interest is reply button . Where they are able to directly react to your message by 140 characters answer.

And last but not least we have retweet button here , if we choose this button then we copy chosen message to our follower.

At the top left side we can see 3 icons home , notification and messages each one of the stands for something different and is used for a differnt purpose.

Home tab is classic tab wich we can see after we login to our twitter account . When we click on notification messages we site timeline with notification with interactions from our account.

The last tab is messages icon where we can see a popup with messages (our inbox) from newest to oldest , where we can interact and reply to questions from our followers. One of the recent twitter updates removes characters limit for messages so we can fully utilize our connections there.

If you want to attract more attention to your tweets you can use # which is used as a most descriptive word of your tweet. This is one of the most important thing that would help you to reach your tweets to targeted audience.

Under the sqare with your twitter name and photo, you can see so-called “Trends” most used hashtags in the moment on whole social site.

Now when you know how Twitter looks and works let’s take a look at ways how you can use is to your benefit. Obviously, you need to create a effective profile first then fill up your profile because people want to see people not animated creatures or empty spaces for photo, therefore make sure you have filled all the details on your profile.

  • Choose a nice professioal photo.
  • Add a little description , color motive ( I like blue 🙂 )
  • Add location
  • address of your website if you have one ( You can put any other website where you made your profile)

A good way how to draw attention to your profile page is creating of custom twitter header . For that purpose, you can use free online image editor. Dimensions for twitter header are 1500 x 421 px.

Now when your profile is nice and ready start with your first tweet it is exciting right?

Follow people and companies which you like or search for topics in which you are interested in according to hashtags .Don’t forget to add hashtags to your tweets too so people will be able to find them and eventually follow you .

Show you appreciation and follow your followers back so you can see what they are tweeting about .

Respond to as much replies and messages as you can so people will feel a real connection and you will not be only some number for them at they twitter account.

Don’t forget that on a both sides there are people and enjoy creating new connections on this wonderful social media site. You can’t clap with single hand 🙂



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