I have known a lot of people who want to start vlogging and share their thoughts and opinions to others, but they are not confident enough because they feel that they don’t have the best gadget for recording.  Well, you don’t have to purchase the best camera.  You can even use a cellphone for your recording.

Like me.  I made use of my GoPro because it’s the only camera I have aside from phone.  It just came to my mind to try recording through it.  And it’s a lot easier! Easy to install and for me. GoPro proves its versatility when I used it in vlogging.

If you want to make a GoPro vlogging camera with flip screen setup, take a look at some things that would help you which includes a variety of accessories.  Of course, the very first thing that you need id your GoPro camera.  Along with your camera, you need a 3-ay tripod mount, a Gorilla Pod.  Even a selfie stick would do to make your vlogging easily.

GoPro also does capture better audio.  If you don’t use a tripod and you’ll just hold the camera, well, the voice is gonna be good. However, it’s not that great compared to other cameras with better built-in microphones as well as external microphones.

But if you’re not really happy with the way your sound goes, you can actually extract the audio from video file using Adobe Encoder

Although the GoPro gives you a decent quality of the video, there are also downsides of such gadget when it comes to vlogging.  Sometimes, it requires few seconds to turn it on.  There are times when you want to use it right away to capture special moments for your vlog (say for example you are traveling), you may miss such things to be captured.

One thing I like about GoPro especially HERO4 is its capability of shooting in 4K just like other non-GoPro cameras.  You can just shoot in the medium field view so that your video will appear a little bit tighter.  It’s actually nice.  It actually makes you feel a little bit intimate with your audience.  If you use it outside, you can put it in a wide view which also appears good.

Here’s what: You can improve the quality of audio in your videos.  You can simply extract the audio from your video file using Adobe Encoder.  Have you heard about Levelator? You can run through your audio in you Mac through Leverator, and hey! It works great.  It helps you normalize the sound of your video.

The only big Con of GoPro is the absence of Image Stabilization which I find very important.  Unless you have good gripping and your hand is not shaky, or your tripod is stable, you can have a better recording.  But most of the time, videos are quite shaky and not appealing.  Image Stabilization works much on this, that’s why, if you can only afford for cameras that have Image Stabilization feature, then use it for your vlogging.  Otherwise, nobody will finish watching your shaky video.

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