Every business has a Facebook Page that is more or less like the second homepage for their company. In fact, Facebook does affect your ranks in search engines. This social media platform helps you to build links via social shares, drive traffic to your business website, attract and engage the targeted audience. It improves brand visibility online through keyword optimisation. The above factors affect search engine ranks. This is why Facebook SEO marketing for your business is the need of the day.

The relationship between Facebook and Search Engine Optimization

There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to Facebook and search engine optimisation. Some business owners believe their presence on Facebook makes no difference to their search ranks. However, some business owners differ. In fact, they are the smart business owners that have successfully used Facebook to improve search engine ranks. Social Media has a direct effect on the search engine algorithm of Google. There is a co-relationship between search engine ranking and social signals. For instance, if you post compelling content on Facebook, many people will share this content with their audience. This generates traffic and establishes your brand presence in the online market. You will be exposed to a larger targeted audience, and more audience means more lead conversions. When your brand is exposed to a larger audience, they will click on your links. A higher click-through rate means more traffic. Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook scores the highest when it comes to social shares.

How can Facebook Shares Affect Your Business?

Facebook helps people in your network to share content. In technical terms, this helps you to build links. Their friends notice your links and this improves visibility. Some of these friends click on the links, this improves the click-through rates. Later, they visit your business website and reduce its bounce rate. They engage with your content website, and if they like your service or product, they proceed to become customers.

From the above example, you can see how Facebook shares affect your search engine optimisation. These shares affect the traffic of your website, click-through rates and bounce rates. All of these factors are important factors to consider for search engine optimisation. They suggest that Facebook marketing does have a huge impact on your search engine ranks. In short, the more people share your content, the better you boost your search engine ranks.

How can keywords on Facebook affect search engine optimisation for your business?

If you use keywords in your social media content and optimise them, this will not directly impact your search engine optimisation online. For instance, if you type in a keyword in Google, you will not find social media platforms in the generated results unless you type the name of the social media network on Google. Like, if you type in pet doors in Google, you will get results of business websites online that sell pet doors in the market. However, this does not mean you do not use optimised keywords in the content you post on Facebook. With the use of optimised keywords on your Facebook page, you effectively can improve the visibility of your post in the online market. In short, users of social media can find you easily. Like for example, if some searches for pet doors on Facebook, the results generated will show your page. The user will get an insight into all your links and public posts on Facebook that have the keyword- pet doors.

Attract relevant users

When the visibility of social media content increases, this will not directly impact search engine ranks. However, it will attract relevant users. More relevant users mean better click-through rates and engagement. The content is relevant to them as since they are searching Facebook with the same keyword; they get what they need. They will devote time to read it. When users spend more time on your website, the bounce rates reduce.

The need for Facebook optimised accounts

It is the need of the day for every business to have fully optimised Facebook accounts. When you create a business page on Facebook, you have the option to add a description. If you want the relevant audience to find you, using relevant keywords in your description is essential. The more optimised your Facebook page is, the higher the chances are for people to find you. This means your business is visible to them. For instance, in the About section, use your keyword in the content. If you search for the keyword digital marketing on Facebook, you will find the top companies having the keyword in their page names as well. This improves visibility. In short, incorporate your keyword in the about section and increase visibility online.

Optimise the URL for your Facebook Page

A customised URL works wonders for your Facebook Page. This might seem obvious however most users overlook its importance. If you match the URL of your Facebook Page with your business products and brands, you effectively can promote brand recognition. This makes it simple for people to recognise you better. A custom URL will make it easier for people to search for you in search engines and Facebook. In case, you do not create a custom URL; Facebook will create one for you. This URL is generally long and hard for people to remember. For creating the custom URL for your Facebook account, visit the “About” section of your page.

Therefore, when you are creating a business page for Facebook, keep these tips in mind. A high click-through rate, lower bounce rate and improved visibility help you to increase search engine optimisation for your business website. At the same time, you will be able to reach out easily to customers who are looking for you. You can give them relevant content and promote social shares on Facebook as well. This gives you the competitive edge in the market, and you can improve returns on investment as well.

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