If you are buying an IT system for your company, it is worth considering what type of software you need. In this process it will be helpful to create an appropriate brief, adapted to individual expectations and the situation of the company. This is the brief that describes the basic information about specific application, which is necessary to create it.

Creating software on the basis of the brief

At the first stage – sending a request, no precise details are required. However, it is good to determine the most important functionalities of the system and the type of technology we are interested in. Before starting preparations related to request for offer, it is worth while to organize a meeting of employees who will be in contact with the application and IT department employees. If the project is organized from the bottom up, an important role is played by people working in the company. They will use it on a daily basis, so it is a good idea to conduct a brainstorming meeting to determine initial expectations. In fact, all the details are discussed with experts during the pre-implementation analysis, without which it is impossible to start software development.

Type of technology leading in the project

The choice of technology depends on the preferences of the IT team, or on the infrastructure that already functions in the company and depends on new solutions. It is important to determine it at the beginning of the project. The choice of technology is also dependent on the devices on which the software must work.

List of functionalities

This stage is extremely important, as it determines whether the application will meet all expectations. That is why it is necessary to take into consideration all the requirements, paying attention to the smallest details. Such information will allow us to determine whether there is an application on the market that will meet our preferences, or whether it will be necessary to create a dedicated application. This, in turn, makes it possible to make a preliminary valuation. The more detailed the description of the requirements, the more likely the valuation and satisfaction with the project.

Devices and the context of using the software

As mentioned above, when choosing a technology, you need to decide which devices the application should be adapted to. Is it enough for it to work only on laptops and computers, or maybe there is a need to use it, also on smartphones and tablets. Also important is the type of application, whether it will be B2B, that is buisness to buisness, B2C – buisness to client, or maybe an enterprise, whose task is to support the work of the client.

Data integration

While preparing the brief, it should be noted whether it will be necessary to integrate data with other systems that have been used in the company so far. If so, then we determine the type of interface, the manner and frequency of synchronization and the use of the integration gateway, which is necessary for a larger number of systems.

Deadline and budget

Summing up all the information, IT systems require a precise definition of the needs of use. This will help you select the right application, or possibly create a new one. It will also enable the valuation of the project and its initial deadline. Defining the date and budgeting, is a certificate of project implementation, within a specified time frame. It is worth noting that during its implementation, the original assumptions may be modified, which is completely normal, so that the application is as best adapted to the needs of the company.

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