The most awaiting feature of whatsapp that everyone was looking for since long finally arrives officially i.e Whatsapp web. Yes now you can use your whatsapp on pc officially on web browser as same you do one facebook messaging. You don’t need external software to use whatsapp on pc. Soon after facebook acquired whatsapp they have been introducing no of new features.

You must have heard of bluestack that people use to run whatsapp on pc installing this heavy software that consumes lots of memory. Good news is you don’t need this kind of software anymore .

What is Whatsapp web ?

Whatsapp is a web based application that allows you to chat with your whatsapp contacts instantly using web browser. The most secured way to access whatsapp on pc even though without any external application.

To use whatsapp web your phone must be connected to internet and active. You will receive notification on your phone and on browser too.  Even if your battery get low you will be notified on the browser. You can’t use whatsapp web without your smartphone and your camera must be working in order to use whatsapp web on pc. Don’t get shocked you need to scan barcode of web.whatsapp using camera you will know more about how to use whatsapp in this post.

How to use whatsapp Web Version on PC ?

You must be excited hearing about whatsapp web version finally arrives after waiting along and you are able to use it on your pc without ant external software. So here is the step by step guide to use whatsapp on pc

Requirements to use whatsapp on Web

  • Chrome browser
  • Internet Connection
  • Camera enabled smartphone

First of all you need to update your whatsapp with latest version, update it from playstore or download whatsapp apk and install it on your smartphone.

Open your whatsapp application and go to option menu of whatsapp and find whatsapp web.

At the same time Open chrome browser on your pc and open link –

You will find the webpage like this. Whatsapp Web Version forpc


Now open whatsapp application on your smartphone and find whatsapp web select it and scan QR code which is on










Let your smartphone scan the QR code and as it complete scans your browser will reload with mirror of whatsapp conversation that you did on your smartphone.

WhatsApp Web Version for Windows


Now you are ready to chat on browser using whatsapp web. Make sure your device should be active and connected to internet. One you have whatsapp veb version on your browser you can easily send cool whatsapp status to your friends


Missing Features of Whatsapp Web

One of biggest limitation is it IOS deveid is no longer supported for whatsapp web

  • You can’t set profile picture using whatsapp web
  • Your phone must be active and connected to internet.
  • You can change settings of whatsapp using whatsapp web version
  • If your phone dies whatsapp web will be disconnected too
  • You have to use official whatsapp app only. Whatsapp + app will no longer work
  •   Your Smartphone Camera Quality must be good.

Our Views : Still whatsapp web is not preferable to use because your phone needs to be active to use whatsapp on browser. What if you don’t have phone or phone got dead ? you can’t use it.

Whatsapp web will sure come with more new features and updates that you will love to use it.  Whatsapp Web is coming soon for IOS users.

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