Most websites start small opt for a shared hosting plan as their first choice. This is because these plans are affordable and offer all the basic features required to run and manage a website. However, since the features are basic when the website starts growing, there comes a time when the decision about moving to another hosting type needs to be taken. In this article, we will talk about some specific signs that indicate that you have outgrown the shared hosting plan and need to move to VPS Hosting.

But before we start, a quick look at the basics:

What are Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting plans?

As mentioned above, shared hosting plans are the most affordable hosting plans where one physical web server and its resources are shared between multiple users. Hence, the number of resources at work for your website depends on the resource requirements of the other websites on the same server. The providers usually pre-install most tools and modules needed by you for the common applications making it easy for you to launch your website.

On the other hand, in VPS Hosting, your website is hosted on a virtual server. This is created by using virtualization and dividing a physical web server into multiple virtual servers with each having dedicated resources and an isolated hosting environment. These plans also offer complete root access which allows you to customize the hosting environment as per your choice.

While there are many similarities and differences between Shared and VPS Hosting plans, choosing one of the two depends on many parameters.

When should you upgrade from Shared to VPS Hosting plans?

Here are some sure-shot signs that indicate that you must consider moving to a VPS Hosting plan from a shared plan.

  • The incoming site traffic has increased

We are not hinting towards a slight increase in traffic but an increase that is impacting the performance of your site. Let’s say that your website has grown from a few dozen site visitors every day to hundreds of probably thousands, then it is time to start considering a VPS plan.

  • You need to improve your SEO ranking

Yes, the choice of a hosting plan has an impact on the SEO ranking of your site. In shared hosting, since you are sharing the server with many other websites, one site with a bad reputation with the search engines is enough to significantly drop your rankings. Moving to a VPS will help you improve your SEO ranking.

  • Scalability of Resources

Some websites experience sudden spikes in traffic and need more resources to be able to manage it efficiently. In shared hosting plans, adding resources like CPU, RAM, etc. is not possible since you are sharing the server. This is where a VPS Hosting plan can be beneficial too. Most providers offering VPS in India allow users to upgrade, as well as, downgrade resources as per their requirement.

  • Root Access

In case you want to install more modules and/or tools, then you will need root access (in Linux) or administrator access (in Windows). In shared hosting plans, getting administrator access is not possible. However, you can get complete root/administrator access in VPS plans.

  • Security

Regardless of the hosting type, the providers always try their best to offer the maximum security for websites hosted with them. However, by virtue of its design, in a shared hosting plan, your website is susceptible to virus threats and/or attacks since you share the server (along with its resources) with many other websites. In VPS hosting, account isolation ensures higher security levels.

Summing Up

If any of the points mentioned above are applicable to you, then it is probably time that you start considering moving to a VPS Hosting plan. Remember, the web server is the home of your website and its performance depends on the performance of the server. Hence, choose a service that allows your website to grow with your business. Good Luck!

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