When you are at the beginning of your business adventure, you think that you can do everything on your own. From attending business meetings and negotiating business conditions to organizing your employees and devising marketing strategies, you want to control everything. It is your own business and you want to make it successful. And then you realize that it could be much more successful if you were not such a control freak. Since marketing is one of the most important business features these days, new entrepreneurs should learn why it is smarter to leave tasks related to this field to professionals.


No time for tutoring

Every startup has problems with funding. Even if you manage to find an angel investor for your business, best marketing experts will still remain out of your league, budget-wise. Because of that, you need to hire someone who has a talent for becoming a marketing professional, but who still needs to learn a lot. It means that you will give a job to someone who will practically use it for learning. However, startups need immediate results. Dealing with the marketing issues on your own will inevitably slow you down. You do not want to serve as a tutoring service for potentially talented marketers. What you should do instead is hire more people who are experienced in your niche and transfer all the marketing tasks to another business.


Low risk of losing staff

As the number of online businesses is rising, there is a higher demand for educated and experienced marketing pundits, too. What effect could this trend have on startups? If a business owner decides to form a marketing team and invest in their education and training, they will get skilful marketers in a year or two. And then they will simply get a better offer by a professional marketing company and leave the nest. For a startup that has invested time and money in their education, this represents harmful brain drain. On the other hand, if you do not bother with marketing inside your business, you will not waste money on marketers that could leave you when they get a better offer.


Objective criteria

Probably the most important benefit of hiring an advertising agency to devise and run your marketing campaigns is having an objective and neutral critic of your overall business results. Marketing represents the key point of all the activities and projects that are done within a company. If professional marketers fail to attract customers to your products, you have to change the target(s). It refers both to your audiences and the products you make. Having marketing experts by your side can help you conduct different market researches and change your business policies in according with the results of such studies.


Productivity increase

Outsourcing is generally expected to increase work productivity, which you can read more about in a study published by the Economist. Indeed, being able to focus only on your business tasks and goals means a lot to every company, be it a sole trader business or a multinational company. Your employees will be more committed to their basic work if they do not have to deal with tasks that do not belong to their field of work. Startup owners who want their businesses to grow at fast pace should outsource as many activities as possible. Such a business approach will leave enough time for both owners and workers to perform their tasks in a more efficient way.


Everybody who wants to stay part of the growing community of online businesses should stick to outsourcing as much as possible. When it comes to marketing, the expenses can be much lower than paying full-time workers and the work is usually done perfectly. Therefore, find reliable marketers and give your business a better chance to succeed.

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