Android presents an incredible opportunity for developers around the world. Millions of people access the internet with their Android devices every day. Developing an Android app enables you to reach out to these users and have an impact on them.

These are the reasons to develop an android apps for business.

Market Share

One reason why you should develop Android apps is that Android has a large market share. Android has about 78% of market share in the smartphone market. It is estimated that there are approximately 850,000 Android devices activations daily. The large market share means that there will be more people to buy your Android app. There will be more developers available for hire to develop your Android app. Developers who are targeting at a demographic with low income should develop Android apps.


Android apps are as profitable as other types of apps such as Iphone apps. Over the years, the profits of the sale from Android apps have increased. The advertising cost for Android apps are also lower. Besides selling the app, developers can also make a profit by offering free apps with advertisements. This allows you to make money whenever the app is launched or people click on the advertisement. You can also develop Android app for promoting your products and services.

 Google Play Store

Developers can develop Android apps on various types of operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. It only take a short time for the app to be reviewed and get approved. You can increase the chances of people downloading your app by making it available in Google Play Store. Most apps get downloaded by users within a few hours of launching. To increase the chances of your app getting noticed, it is recommended that you constantly update it, You can easily update your app in response to the feedback you receive from customers. Besides, you also can release beta version of your app at the Google Play Store. There is only a low one time fee to join the Google Play Store.


Android apps are developed based on Java programming language. The Java programming language has been around for 15 years. There are lots of free tutorials on Java on the internet. Java apps are versatile as they can load on various types of operating systems such as Blackberry, Symbian and Ubuntu. It is much easier to learn and master the Java language compared to other types of programming languages.

 Develop Android Apps with No Coding Within Hours

There are software that allows you to develop android apps with no coding. Such software can generate Java code for the type of Android app you are making. The generated Java code will be the same as if you code it from the scratch. The advantage is that you don’t have to spend many months to code the app. If you hire someone to code the Android app, it can cost you thousands of dollars. The software allows you to add various types of features, graphics and content into the app. Using the software to develop android apps with no coding enables you to quickly generate the code for your Android app with the click of of a single button.

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