WordPress is indeed everywhere! Everyone loves the platform, but there are times when it makes us drive crazy. Especially during the times when you face a dreaded white screen of death, an unknown broken PHP error coming from a plugin or server issues causing the site to crash, that’s no fun. But whenever WordPress decides to act up, don’t worry yourself at all – there is always a solution as you’re going to learn in the following post.

Now if you are a WordPress developer who likes to get his or her hands dirty with the codes or one who loves installing plug-ins and changing themes, you will agree with the statement that encountering an error is an inevitable occurrence. Besides, we even understand how frustrating it is to stumble into an unexpected error and unable to find an appropriate solution regarding the same.

Without a shadow of a doubt, WordPress has the most user-friendly interface and flexibility when compared to other platforms. And fixing most errors are not always difficult if you can find your way around them. But before we delve into the errors and fixes,

Safety First: Back Up Your Site!  

Before making any kind of changes to your site just make sure that you have backup your site in prior. So that, if something goes wrong it can be recovered with the tips below. And one can always go back to a point in time when everything was running smoothly.

Backups can be performed either with the help of web host (high quality hosting providers will do that for you) or you can use one of the many WordPress plugin solutions out there:

  • Duplicator
  • UpdraftPlus
  • WP-DB-Backup (database only)
  • BackupBuddy (paid)
  • Vault Press (paid)

Whichever option you choose, just make sure that you are able to keep things in place like before if they go wrong.

Errors & Fixes Encountered By me

  1. Internal server error

This kind of error has been encountered by each and every WordPress developer as well as the user. And it’s quite annoying to encounter such errors because they do not tell you what you need to fix. This can be frustrating since the error can be a result of several reasons as you’ll see below.

Caused by:

  • Corrupted plugin functions
  • Corrupted theme functions
  • Corrupted .htaccess
  • Exhausted PHP memory limit


Though such kind of errors can easily send a beginner into panic mode but don’t worry, here are a few solutions to keep in mind.

Edit .htaccess file- Since the internal server error is the main result of a corrupted .htaccess file, login into your WordPress root directory via File Manager (or FTP) and rename your .htaccess file to .htaccess.old. Refresh your browser to see if you solved the error. As soon as the error disappears, go to Settings -> Permalinks and click on the Save Changes button to reset your .htaces. Don’t forget to check your plugins.

Deactivate all plugins- A plugin installed could be a problem, but that’s great because you know what needs to be uninstalled or deleted. Other times, this kind of error may crop up as a result of an old plugin (or several plugins that are incompatible).  You won’t know for sure if the problem is your plugins unless you deactivate the plugins.

  1. Auto-Update Failed

WordPress now comes with an auto-update feature that takes care of security, minor bugs and such like things. The feature is pure genius at work, but at times it ends up failing. Considering the auto-feature does not require any human input, you will find:

  • A PHP error message
  • A blank white screen (Also known as the white screen of death – WSOD)
  • A warning that says the update failed

Caused By:

  • Internet connection problems during auto-update
  • Broken connection with main WordPress files
  • Incorrect file permissions


Update your WordPress website manually. If you don’t know where to start, please check out this Updating WordPress – Manual Update post at WordPress Codex.

  1. Syntax WordPress Error

According to the analysis done by several WordPress development companies, this is a very common WordPress error among people who add code snippets to their WordPress sites. When you encounter this error, you will usually notice something like:

Parse error – syntax error, unexpected $end in /public_html/your_site/wp-content/themes/your-theme/functions.php on line 38

Caused By:

The syntax error is caused by some missing or unexpected character(s) in the problematic file. Most of the time caused by someone less experienced trying to edit the code in a theme or plugin but it could also occur when you’ve installed a new theme or plugin that contains the error.


  • Educate yourself on pasting code snippets into WordPress
  • Fix the affected code
  • Try a different theme or plugin


In a nutshell,

This point is something which cannot be explained until you experience it on your own.  Above, there is a huge list that is sure to make you turn into a profoundly skilled developer, but the real pleasure of developing a website can be felt when you actually go for it.

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