Your brand or personal business needs a great advertise strategy to attract customers on the Internet. All societies need this online presence through customized built web pages. WordPress is the most popular website with the most innovative content management systems.


With WordPress, you have the combined straightforwardness and the most modern content management system, high points to develop an efficient website for your online company. WordPress also presents affordability and higher Google rankings.

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BoldGrid Technology

WordPress uses the innovative and much simpler BoldGrid website design technology that allows you to get your customized business sites. BoldGrid is a design technology with the many powerful integrations and functionality features that lets users the much simpler and innovative drag and drop design.


BoldGrid website builder offers personal designs and templates; since BoldGrid only works off with WordPress individuals have the ability to utilize most of the WordPress themes. At the exemplary site Bluehost, there are over 2,000 free and premium themes. Accordingly, many other premium WordPress themes have been used by Theme Forest, a modern theme templates marketplace.


Accordingly, Template Monster the widely known website builder also uses more than the 1,600 premium WordPress themes. BoldGrid technology also allows you to generate flexible and straightforward company websites.


WordPress innovative Bold Grid technology offers the spectacular pre-built websites that you can customize the picture or content to suit business needs. WordPress also uses internationally recognized Content Management Systems, technology to provide online and offline free resources for your business. Benefits of using content management system are, they offer the endless number of resources to help you work with it.



Some of other innovative features that WordPress presents are image optimization, maintenance mode, and two-factor authentications, Sitemaps for SEO, caching, zapier integration, forums, and digital download management among many others. Websites built by WordPress obtain high placement rankings in the search results page of a search engine (SERP); for example Bing, Yahoo, Google among other search engines.


Storage Capacity

Other websites are completely free platforms presenting bloggers with just 1 GB storage space to meet their basic needs; however, this limited may not be enough for your high-frequency business transactions. WordPress also offers cheap, limitless storage space paid in little monthly fees. WordPress is a great solution for companies that want to invest into websites design. You can host information on your websites despite the size and with no limitations.


Link Building

Your WordPress business website also can get linking hyperlinks from other websites to your company website. You can incorporate hosting sites like iPage, which has WordPress premium plugins like the Link Patrol that can be used to develop these linking strategies. Other search engines clamber these quality external links to websites creating better blogger rankings.


Ease of Use

WordPress is a slight instinctive; especially for blogging platform beginners. However, WordPress will offer your online business many significant opportunities and extensive set of tools to create stunning sites without necessarily having superior web design and coding backgrounds.



WordPress also provides numerous free and premium themes that can be customized to virtually any feel and look allowing designers to be more original and creative. You can choose Internet accessible already made themes or create their own, using the several images or color plates that create a perfect appearance.


WordPress also has other numerous available logins that give the ability to add fun features, for example, Facebook like buttons, comment moderation and Adobe Lightroom right photo uploading to enhance website functionality. WordPress offers the almost boundless opportunities to create your personalized business websites.


Spam Removal

Your WordPress site is much reliable with external links that help you to get rid or delete any pieces of these junk emails.



However, WordPress presents a separate hosting at a small fee. The website is personally owned and managed by a blogger. Any material published is personal, and you maintain removal and modification release freedom.


Website and Business Security

WordPress presents sites that are less vulnerable to attacks. WordFence Security creates secret passwords that help to check any possible threats and block any malicious networks; creating security on a blog.



WordPress is relatively convenient, giving a blogger the independence to blog on a page within the personal website or switch a site from WordPress to another platform. This feature is extremely practical, mainly if a blogger is not sure to stick to a single platform or on a continuing basis.


Sitemap Checking

WordPress creates XML sitemaps on blogs creating an assistance that ensures easy crawl and read. Unlike other websites, WordPress offers everything in your power to website optimization and clear sitemaps that improve overall blogger rankings.


Price Point

WordPress set up is free of charge, but domain registration and hosting come with little annual or monthly fees. Although the totals are less significant compared to the higher levels, small new blogging businesses pay for premium themes and logins.


Website Backup

WordPress also involves some external links like which not only provides a blogger with automatic backup of their daily blogs but also security scans that prevent blogs from vanishing into cyberspace.


Mobile Friendly

WordPress is a mobile friendly platform allowing many visitors to use their mobile phones and tablets. WordPress also uses WP Rocket logins that also improve mobile user functionality and improved user experiences.


Caching Blogs

WordPress involves WP Super Cache that is incredibly easy to use and helps to improve website loading speeds. Wix and Weebly are unreliable with extremely slow loading speeds that make readers leave a site before it fully loads.


Thumbnail Regeneration

WordPress has the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin that helps a blogger to restore images into every new theme of choice. Wix and Weebly lack thumbnail regeneration plugins leaving messy and blurry images when changing themes.


Contact Ability

With the WordPress plugin Contact Form 7, WordPress blogs can be customized to requirements and get feedbacks and responses from your website visitors.


Content Visibility

Audience engagement is the only effective way and measure of the extends an image conveyed its message. WordPress offers the range of active Pinterest and Instagram plugins that increase the quality and visibility of image blogs.

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