WRLD is moving to its new home in Los Angeles. The 3D platform changed its name from eeGeo and has now expanded to California from its headquarters at Scotland. The company also launched new tools for web, mobile, virtual reality and augmented reality to create a more immersive and accurate visualizations of indoor buildings and gaming. The WRLD chairman, Hassan Sadiq has very ambitious growth plans for the organization such as 3D mapping the whole world. Their expansion in the US will help them work more closely with their business partners, recruit more talent and secure finances.

Since its foundation in 2010, WRLD has raised over 11.8 million dollars in financing and employed 50 people. WRLD’s mission is to map the entire world, inside and out. The new name reflects the breadth of what it has built and the ambition of the company. The ambition of the company is to build an immersive 3D world that we can visualize and interact with everything on the planet. WRLD wants to highlight that they are more than just a map but a living and breathing world where you can render data in real time. The most interesting thing about WRLD is they have made good progress towards that goal and its new name allows them to call out to a wider audience.

In addition to their move in the US and new name, the company has introduced new tools for developers and designers who want to create immersive 3D maps for applications, VR and AR and games. Here are the new tools they launched:

WRLD Map Designer. This is optimized for newbies and developers to create beautiful map experiences for outdoor and indoor environments. Their Map Designer allows maps to be customized and configured according to end-user data and application

WRLD SDK for Unity. This toll helps end-users build accurate 3D maps for location-based games, projects and AR/VR applications. The package provides designers and developers with tools that apply unique textures to landmark locations and render other unique marks of the world.

WRLD Android SDK. This allows Java developers to create a more dynamic 3D map for Android devices. The available features of this tool are camera control and creation of custom interactive markers. It also includes indoor mapping capabilities.

Hassan Sadiq Himex and WRLD is offering first-class support to developers on a number of different platforms such as Android and Unity supports. These tools allow developers to create “map scenes” and then share them to the community or customers. Developers can also take city maps, customize them, add points of interests such as parks and landmarks then share it via link in a website or via email.

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