Loved by someone and hated by others cold calling is generally one of the best ways of finding new customers for your business. Equal parts terrifying and exciting there is nothing that would give you a good feeling like the feeling of closing a deal after cold calling someone. And while online marketing tends to become the default choice for all the businesses today, it has taken backseat over the last 10 years remaining and continues to remain as the most profitable form of marketing when done right.

In this blog post you would learn the 8 major tips and tricks that would help you get your sales call answered and driving new business over the phone.

Know who you are calling: Without having the right data even the most talented call centre agents would fail to get the results they have been looking out for. Knowing who you are calling is the major key to craft the sales pitch getting the right reaction from your prospects. So instead of just searching someone’s name and positions, it’s always good if you could learn more about their jobs and the key issues they have been facing within the organization.

Having the right plan and not the script: The major rules of cold calling process or failure is generally dictated by the quality of your script. While scripts are the one that make your callers competent they would also make you sound robotic and un- interesting for some of your prospects. So instead of depending on a script try and have a framework that could give you a structure and freedom. Some calls would here require a spontaneous thinking in order to overcome the objections and is something that a script would never ever provide.

Do not be afraid of the objections: You would be rejected by many of your customers even if you have an offer that is fantastic. Not everyone would want to do a business with you and when rejected you just get to know how you could be dealing with it. So don’t let the rejection convince that your idea is not worth enough as even the best deal is turned down by some people. Instead try and learn from your rejection that in order to sell a specific product you would have to refine your technique over the time.

Standing up while you are on a call: Do not let the fact of someone not able to see you through phone let your presentation and posture slip. People could hear your confidence when you are slouched on a chair in office, as it would have a detrimental effect on your voice and enthusiasm. So if you have an important call to make then get up from your chair, stand up straight as this would give you the additional energy making your voice clear and more persuasive for prospects.

Knowing their objections: Very few customers would say a yes immediately to the offer you are offering them. And on every call that you make you would encounter several objections made from your customers. These are attempts to learn about the business you have been dealing with rather than the attempts to rebuff your approach. The key to overcome these objections is to know what they would be asking and having an answer kept ready for that. Remember every objection could be turned around into an opportunity. Its too expensive can be turned into the statement of your quality we already have someone for that can be turned around by explaining what you could to improve their marketing results.

To conclude making your customers receive your sales call in the beginning could be tough but when you begin to view the objections and questions as the opportunities instead of barriers.

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