One big update is coming to youtube one of the largest search engine after google. Google is about to lauch its new product called Youtube kids that is specially for kids.

Normal youtube that is is no logner safe for kids sometimes annoying or adults thumbnails shows in the suggestions that may cause bad impression to kids. Consdering this scenario google is set to release new app Youtube kids where kids will get interface that is suitable for them.

In this digital and modern era kids loves to spent time with digital gadgets that is tablet and smartphones outdoor games are no logner their favourite. Tablets, TV have replced that old games that kids used to play with it.

Parents are always concern about their kids activity, parents wants to have their eyes on their children 24 hours even they are worried when their kids use tablets, they always have the fear that their children could not see the unsuitable things on internet. With the recent youtube new app that is youtube kids parents don’t have to worry about it anymore. Youtube kids is specially made for kids and it is safe for kids and most engaging app for kids.

How Youtube kids app works ? This youtube kids app will find out the things that is not suitable for the kids and skip that remove that content from the interface and shows the most suitable things for the kids that are safe and careful.

YouTube Kids, a new app designed especially for the little ones, is reportedly coming next week.

Youtube Kids is expected to launch on 23rd February in US. The app is currently available only for Android devices.

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